Squirrel, L. (Britain - London Piccadilly Circus)

89 - Euro 320,-

89 Britain - London Piccadilly Circus
British Travel and Holidays Association. Entwurf Leonard Squirrel A. R.W.S. R.E., England 1954.
Druck W. S. Cowell Ltd., Ipswich; Vermerk: 54/47 14. Größe 76 x 50,6 cm.
War horizontal mittig gefaltet, geglättet, Faltstelle und kleine Nadellöcher mit Japanpapier hinterlegt.
Code 22089

Vollständiger Plakattext:


LONDON Piccadilly Circus is the heart of London and the place where flower-girls sell their wares. The traffic rushes round the statue of Eros so fast that every now and then some of it shoots off down a side Street, only to come back again later on. Indeed, everyone comes back to Piccadilly Circus sooner or later, which is why those who wait there long enough always find the person for whom they are looking.