About this Website

Thank You very much for visiting the website plakatkontor.de of Burkhard Sülzen in Berlin, Germany!
Since more than 20 years I am buying and selling original vintage posters and antiquarian books & magazines on posters.

All posters offered for sale in this web catalog are original posters and not reproductions.
They are basically grouped as they were published in my print catalogs.
The latest print catalog and older ones You find here [ Index Postercatalog 20 - 9 ].

You can use for searches through the website the full text retrieval at the top of the page (a word or part of the word without wildcard; please take into account that the side is at the moment mainly written in German).
Additional search help is given on the left by an artist index, posters by subject and an index of all posters arranged chronologically.
Posters by subject are arranged chronologically in each section.

Please try out the Google Translator function, which is available on all pages written in German, on the left.

Please ask for an english condition report!

Each catalog lot shows first the lot number, followed by a short form of the poster title.
The description continous (if data known) with: name and place of the client; name of the designer, country and year of production; printer (Druck).
There is not always specific information given about the printing technique. All posters are printed from flat surfaces, either by the lithographic (from stone) or planographic method (from zinc or aluminum offset from a rubber surface).
The sheet size (Größe) is given in centimeters (height x width).
A condition report (please ask for an english translation) and references (Farbabb. = colour illustration) concludes the description of a lot.
Posters without a reference to particular defects are in fine condition (tadellos = mint). Negligible tears or creases are not always mentioned.
If a poster is described as „war gefaltet“ it was folded, "gefaltet" means that it is still folded, without this phrases it is unfolded. Folded posters with the addition „Wird auf Japanpapier aufgezogen“ will be backed with japan paper free of charge before shipment.
There may be nominal touch-up at the folds or immediate fold area. The backing takes about 14 days.
If You have any questions or You are looking for a specific poster, please contact me [ Terms ].

Member of IVPDA, International Vintage Poster Dealers Association, Inc. (New York)