Women's Graphics Collective (Guinea-Bissau 1973)

222 - Euro 210,-

222 Guinea-Bissau Independence September 24, 1973
Im unteren Rand Text der PAIGC: African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cabo Verde.
Herausgeber: CCLAMGB, New World Resource Center, Chicago.
Entwurf Women‘s Graphics Collective, Chicago (CWLU) USA 1975.
Ohne Druckvermerk.
Größe 88,7 x 58,8 cm.
Auf Japanpapier aufgezogen, leicht berieben, vertikaler Einriss 35 cm im oberen Rand restauriert.
Code 22222

Plakattext am unteren Rand:

We are African peoples. We have our own hearts, our own heads, our own history. It is this history which the colonialists have taken from us. Today, in taking up arms to liberate ourselves, we want to return to our history, on our own feet, by our own means and through our own sacrifices. African Party for the Independence of Guidean and Cabo Verde (PAIGC)